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Maritime Heritage

The coast of the Charentes has always been a perfect site for the development of maritme acivities, protected as it is by the islands of Oléron, Ré and Aix from the worst that the Atlantic can throw at it. Maritime Heritage

In 1997, a new adventure in the region's great maritime history began when the Hermione, a huge three-masted sailing vessel, more than 65 metres in length was commissioned at the naval yard of Rochefort. In 2007, if all goes smoothly, the Hermione will once again provide an ocean-going link in the wake of La Fayette between Rochefort and Boston in the USA.


The original Hermione was used by the young Marquis La Fayette for his journey to America where he took a historic part in the American war of independence.


Visits to the construction site may be arranged.
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